About Us

When you need to move your furniture, Fast Movers is the company you need.

Fast Movers, is the Furniture Removal division of Custom Freight.

Fast Movers was ultimately created due to the sight of a gap in the market place, The owners wanted to move from Hamilton to Christchurch and wanted a service that ticked all their boxes, they had to settle for a service which wasn’t ideal so Custom Freight was created shortly after.

Custom Freight has been moving furniture since 2017 and the specialist Fast Movers was created in 2019 to focus solely on the Furniture Removal side of the business, as the Custom Freight business has a number of different freight options.

All Furniture removals are covered somewhat by our Carrier Liability insurance, we do however offer a wide range of full insurance options available to you, or your Contents Insurance policy may also cover your move.

We operate a fleet of relatively modern trucks which range in size, where we need a specific style or type of truck which we don’t have, we also have access to a number of hire options too.

From humble beginnings to where we are now, the customer satisfaction and referrals has been a big part of our business, this is reflective of the level of service that we offer.