Some sample pricing

When you need to move your furniture, Fast Movers is the company you need.

Some sample pricing

Here you will see some examples of some common pricing, these are for easy access sites, no stairs, no hill sites etc, some other factors may influence pricing in one direction or another, and is to be used as a guide only. For a more accurate quote based on your own circumstances book a free in home consultation today.

3 Bedroom move, Christchurch to Auckland (vice versa) $3,699
3 Bedroom move, Christchurch to Hamilton (vice versa) $3,599
3 Bedroom move, Christchurch to Wellington (vice versa) $2,999 
3 Bedroom move, Christchurch to Dunedin (vice versa) $2,499
3 Bedroom move, Christchurch to Greymouth (vice versa) $2,699 
3 Bedroom move, Auckland to Wellington (vice versa) $2,499 
3 Bedroom move, Auckland to Dunedin (vice versa) $4,999

Based on 30m3 space for a 3 Bedroom home

Packing for 30m3 options $699*
Storage for 30m3 $9 per day
Insurance (Varies) Insurance is based on value of assets not volume of space consumed.

4 Bedroom move, Christchurch to Auckland (vice versa) $4,899 
4 Bedroom move, Auckland to Wellington (vice versa) $3,199

Based on 40m3 space for a 4 Bedroom home

Packing for 40m3 options $949*
Storage for 40m3 $12 per day
Insurance (Varies) Insurance is based on value of assets not volume of space consumed.

  • * Packaging includes cartons, mattress protectors and couch protectors all packed by professional packers. Intercity moves include bubble wrap on whiteware, televisions, and other valuable assets.

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